About Me

Lareena Larue Hello my name is Lareena Larue and I’m the creator and author of www.lareenalarue.com. I’m from Middletown, Delaware but I cover news, events and happenings digitally locally and nationally. I have a Master’s degree in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University. If you’re anything like me you are extremely busy with life.

I am a mother and a lover of fashion, life and entertainment. The reason why I’m created this website is because three years ago when I entered in to the fashion industry as a plus size model; I thought I could make millions of dollars within weeks of entering. I made some great and some not so great choices within that time frame.

The purpose of this site is to release newsworthy segments on fashion, life and entertainment. Through my journey and the journey of those I come in contact with; I would like to share with you any information that you will find entertaining, enjoyable and most importantly useful in your everyday life. I’m ever so thankful that you stopped by Lareena’s Corner.

All media hosting gigs, interviews, booking and entertainment reviews as well as guest blog correspondence and internship positions can be directed through my contact page as well. My blog section Lareena’s Corner is launching in December of 2015 to keep the masses aware of my other endeavors in media, fashion, entertainment and digital radio.

Be blessed and I hope to see you at a digital outlet near you. I can be reached via Email, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and of course using the contact form on www.LareenaLarue.com
Look for me using my official hashtags at #LareenaLarue and #LareenasCorner