Lareena Larue ( is a rapidly growing Hip-hop based blog site focused on providing the latest music, news and artist interviews from buzzing indies and majors alike.

Lareena Larue has worked with, and interviewed artists such as : Cee-Lo Green, Lil Durk, Lil Herb, Katie Got Bandz, Rich The Kid, Terio, Martin Sky & more.

Lareena Larue and its affiliates are looking for interns, college students preferred, but any individuals with journalistic aspirations and/or experience will be considered.

Please provide at least TWO writing samples (500 words or less) in article format. If you can provide a sample related to this field please include. If you do NOT provide samples, you will NOT be considered.

Lareena Larue needs 3-5 digital interns to keep up with our growing blog site and help develop it into a entertainment powerhouse.

    There are FOUR major teams/departments within guest-bloggers


    Music (review albums singles/EP, add new videos, etc)

    News (reports news stories in hip hop culture and entertainment)

    Artist spotlights & interviews (interview artists and write feature stories) **senior editor position**

    Events (upcoming events in hip hop i.e.: concerts, tours, release dates ; also responsible for attending some events for blog review)


    monitor twitter account and some instagram
    Create further social media presence (Facebook fan page, LinkedIn)
    Update YouTube page

    This internship has the possibility to provide more opportunities and permanency within our company. You will also greatly expand your business networks and develop your music journalism skills with a credible digital platform.

    In addition, there are opportunities to make serious $$$ as our site grows (which it is already doing so rapidly now). If you bring on any advertisers or sponsors to purchase an ad package or space, you will receive a healthy COMMISSION on that sale. There is no CAP on money potential.

    Plus: We will sign-off on proof of internship/school credit documents if needed.

    ***Please indicate which (2) positions you are MOST interested in during submission***

    Thank you, and good luck!


    The perfect candidate for these positions is someone who is in tune with the Hip-hop community, and the trends in our music, entertainment and culture. You must be a competent writer who is able to work consistently and on quick turnaround times. Videos, interviews, event coverage, new music etc must be posted daily on the website or at least 3x a week in your department, to begin. While this won’t take much time of your day (15 mins – 2 hours MAX), running a top blog site has to be consistently updated, and time is of the essence, when it comes to breaking news stories and music videos.

    If you’re into social media, and always know what is happening in popular culture, Hip-hop particularly, this should be easy for you and something you would take pride in being a part of and making even bigger.
    Check out our website now: to get a good idea of the things we are posting on Lareena Larue

    The social media intern(s) will piggyback off of the writers and vice versa. If you take a look at our Instagram, @lareenaLarue7 , you will see that this is CONSTANTLY updated and RAPIDLY growing. Most of the top stories on our instagram will usually be featured on the website, but we need more consistency there.

    As a social media intern you will work on growing our Twitter and Instagram accounts. This team will also develop a Facebook fan page and manage, and keep our YouTube account updated and growing. You will promote new features online and direct traffic to the website.

    – Must have writing experience (TWO writing samples; 500 words or LESS required in submission)
    – College students preferred; but anyone with journalistic aspirations, love for hip-hop, or media & entertainment experience will be considered

    Required – Article Writing, Blog Management, Blogging, Social Media, Social Media Blogging, Augmentative Communication, English grammar, Editing

    How To Apply