Beyoncé’s Silence is Over

As the weeks progress in 2016, racial division is at a all time high. Beyoncé has spoken out regarding the racial issues in America.The racial controversy is brewing. The day before the Super Bowl Beyoncé released the video for “Formation,” her first song since 2014.

The “Formation”single has been viewed by some as a modern protest anthem. Beyonce’s dancers gave the black power salute during the Super Bowl performance. The song lyrics,reflect New Orleans’s social traumas surrounding hurricane Katrina, racial injustice, and the growth of the African-American community – specifically southern African-American women.

After reviewing Beyoncé’s criticism last year for her delayed silences on the Black Lives Matter movement, experts say “Formation” is her responses to there concerns to the black communities, and exhibits not only Beyoncé’s musical talent and business savvy. This project truly proves that she is willing to advocate for the African-American communities in her own personal way. She has been receiving a lot of negative backlash from FOX News, Vogue,Teen Vogue just to say a few. @Pagesix Tweet stated, that Malcom X’s daughter loved the performance.

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Posted by HuffPost Black Voices on Tuesday, February 9, 2016